Blueprinting and Action Truing

Action blueprinting can be carried out on most makes of bolt action rifle and can ensure that the bolt lugs fit perfectly into the action and the action cycles efficiently and correctly, there are many processes involved in blueprinting and these will be dependent on what the rifle needs.

For example a Remington will most commonly require the following:

Remington receiver truing includes re-cutting of action threads along the centre line of the action. Re-cutting the bolt lug recesses, square action face perpendicular to the centre line. Lap in bolt lugs, true bolt face and nose perpendicular to the centre line. (factory recoil lug replaced with 0,25 inch thick custom made recoil lug, double surface ground 100 5 parallel)

Due to this procedure opening up the action threads to 10 thou” larger than the factory dimensions, this can only be carried out as part of a re-barrelling job as the factory barrel tenon will no longer fit.

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